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19/05/2017  |  BY AALIA WALKER



SMACK attended the first ever Beauty Decoded London hosted yesterday and walked out with our heads bursting with knowledge. We've literally taken reams of notes from the event - but below we've shared some of our best quotes from the event.

1. "Sephora have cottoned on to beauty from the inside as being the next big thing.They emphasise educating over selling"
– Walter Faulstroh, CEO - Hum Nutrition

2. "If you’re not an experience - you’re not a brand"
- James Balfour, Co-founder - 1 Rebel

3. "Instagram is different from Facebook - 50% of follows are non-reciprocal relationships"

4. "The beauty Instagrammer engages on Instagram an average of 30 times a day" 

5. "There has been a 150% increase in use of video on Instagram in just the last 6 months" 
– Gord Ray, Brand Development - Instagram 

6. "There is a backlash against bloggers. The bubble’s burst"  
- Caroline Hironas, Beauty Blogger

7. "Personalisation is core to Birchbox. We ask every user to fill out a beauty profile that determines what we send them. The boxes have a personal touch as well We then segment emails depending on what they’ve engaged with in the past. Yes it is a lot of work for the team, but it’s worth it - you’ll reap the rewards"
- Jessica Diner, Content & Creative Director - Birchbox

8. "The success of the business is down to the entrepreneur. Good ideas are cheap" 
- George Northcott, Head of Business Development - Founders Factory

9. "The beauty industry does need more innovation that is why there is a big movement right now. The smaller brands are eating our launch. We need it now not in an eighteen months cycle" 
- Esohe Omoruyi, SVP Global Open Digital Innovation – Loreal Group 

10. "61% of bookings happen on phone... 50% happen outside opening hours... 25% happen within 3 hours of appointment"
- Lopo Champalimaid, CEO & Founder - Treatwell

11. "We don’t have a product portfolio based on fads. It’s based on growing the salons, if they don’t do well; then we won’t"
- Kyle Karim, Commerical Operations Director - Coty Professional

12. "Beauty trends are not global - they’re hyper local"
- Lopo Champalimaid, CEO & Founder - Treatwell

13. "Felt the beauty industry needed a shake up. We're disrupting these rules. Putting consumer at the heartWe've looked at 1000’s of reviews and made the best of every range. Every product is a hero"
- Holly Tomlin, Head of Global Marketing & Communcation – The Hero Project

14. "Don’t patronise readers. Focus on the ingredients. There isn’t much honesty in the industry"
– Nicola Kilner, Co-CEO - Deciem

15. "An important source of data is failed searches - use that. If you can’t do product to satisfy it - then at least serve content in that area"
– Leona De-graft, Global Head of Eccommerce Marketing - The Body Shop