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16/01/2017  |  BY AALIA WALKER


Blue Monday - with a combination of failed resolutions, poor weather and dwindling bank balances is traditionally deemed the most miserable day of the year. So this year rather than a look at the brands best capitalising on everyone’s collective misery - we thought we’d help soften the blow of your abortive dry Januarys, bank accounts in the red and wet weather warnings and point you to the industry stories to turn that frown upside down!

While Boaty McBoatface  might have taught the powers that be that putting big decisions in the hands of the public is a risky strategy, toy company Hasbro is throwing caution to the wind and inviting the public to choose the next generation of Monopoly pieces in their Monopoly Token Madness Vote. It could be sayonara to the trusty scotty dog, top hat and boot and hello to hashtag signs, dinosaurs and sunglasses.  While we’re not sure if the public will vote for these young pretenders to start tramping all over the Old Kent Road, Pall Mall and Leicester Square, we think this is one neat little engagement campaign that definitely passes go.

Charity fundraisers don’t have to be complicated. In fact sometimes all you need is a camera ,a decent story and the right person to tell it. Of course it helps, if he also happens to be one of the nation’s favourite pin-ups willing to be auctioned off to the highest bidder for a Valentines day date. WE (Women Everywhere) Can Lead, a charity organisation which works to empower and educate girls throughout Africa have done exactly that in their latest campaign with Idris Elba. The lucky winner, enjoys a “romantic evening” and the chance to “pound [Idris’] yams”. While the charity enjoys phenomenal media coverage, video views, buzz and no doubt donations too. Smart marketing!

Sometimes in life, words just aren’t enough and only a short clip of Mary Berry coquettishly licking a spoon will do. Yet until recently, this simple pleasure of sharing GIFs on WhatsApp was denied to Android users… Android users, you can now gif to your hearts content as this new functionality has just been extended to all WhatsApp Android users. We think that deserves a triumphant GIF.


Whilst most people will opt for a vacation in the sun, for the first time, and just announced today, you could now choose one on the moon. Moon Express, the first private company in history to receive permission to travel to the Moon, has successfully raised enough funds to finance its first mission. The California-based startup has raised $45 million in private investment and also have the incentive of a $30 million prize from Google. Their first mission is scheduled for the end of this year so watch this space… from space?

At SMACK, if there's one thing that connects us, it's our love of food! If the other stories failed to cause a flutter, then here's a foolproof cure for that #BlueMonday gloom (and it will cost you a lot less than a ticket to the moon). In a bid to cheer the nation up, Domino’s Pizza have released a code (DOMIBLUE) that will get you 30% off any online order over £15. That’s our evening planned then! Better yet, if your birthday happens to be in Janaury, pizza chain Franco Manca will give you a birthday present (a free pizza)… on the house! The only thing in life better than a discounted pizza is a free one!

Now come on... give us a smile.