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According to a recent report on luxury personalisation, less than a fifth of luxury brand sites provide consumers with personalised product recommendations.

With mobile now accounting for more than half of all time spent on digital, and more than 60% of time spent shopping online, retailers who don’t offer a better digital experience for their customers are losing out. 

Not only do personalised shopping and booking tools help your customer decision making they can also provide you will valuable insight and data. Bespoke booking tools like the one we designed and developed for Ted Baker’s new bridal collection - Tie the Knot allows both brides' and grooms' to book a consultation appointment at six Ted Baker stores using an online microsite or in-store iPad. Information collected will allow stores to access a calendar of appointments plus key information required for their customer's first visit. 

Not only does this approach drive loyalty, which is crucial for today’s more fickle millennial shoppers, research shows that it also increases the average transactional value too. According to Business of Fashion, high street retailer Jigsaw sees average transitional values jump from £100 to between £350 and £400 during any “personal shopping interaction”.

62% of shoppers say they would pay more for a brand that personalises an experience or service but what do you do if you can’t invest in data-driven technologies? The answer? Start small.

Booking appointment tools, gift-finders or recommendation tools such as the champagne selector from restaurant Bubbledogs are easy ways to provide a personalised service and/or gather that all important customer data.

Nike offer a personalised workout plan suited to you and your lifestyle via their app based on your weight, height, goals and fitness levels. Whilst the Delectable Wines app allows you to take a photo of your favourite wine, so that it can recommend related wines based on your previous choices.

In this article where a woman mystery shops different personal shopping services, it’s the ones that don’t take the information upfront and personalise their selection that miss out.

Creating a personalised experience doesn’t have to be complicated by simply offering fun, helpful and quirky ways to highlight your product or services customers are much more likely to remain loyal, provide data and most importantly spend money. 

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