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17/08/2016 |  BY AALIA WALKER


We knocked it out of the park with our latest social media campaign for Mecca Bingo, celebrating results 15,400% above the set KPI, with the help of a few Pokémon.

Overnight the world went Pokémon crazy. Pokémon Go which harnesses augmented reality to allow users to ‘catch’ Pokémon in their surroundings very quickly became a global phenomenon.

Catching Pikachus in parks, Sandshrews on the school run and Hypnos at home became habitual. Within a few days of launch the game was installed on more mobiles than Twitter, Netflix, Spotify and Candy Crush.

We were quick off the mark, immediately brainstorming ways in which to engage with the craze. We created a simple concept and worked with our client Mecca Bingo to deliver it.

We invited Mecca Bingo players to hunt for Pokémon at Mecca clubs and share their spoils on social media using the hashtag #MeccaPokemon for the chance to win prizes.


Mecca loved the idea, as it helped them deliver reach and encourage footflow amongst an all-important younger audience. The campaign opened up Mecca Bingo to atypical customers as we noticed an influx in engagement from males and millenials by appealing to the gaming audience. It also providing great shareable content for social media.

Key results:
- 12, 378 engagements
- 5 m reach – with limited advertising budget
- The highest organic reach of any post in the last quarter
- The highest paid reach of any post in the last quarter
- Driving footfall – particularly from a new audience
- Cross-pollination through a number of Mecca fans tagging their Pokemon Go friends during the campaign