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If a picture paints a thousand words, then video paints a hundred thousand more.

With a survey of marketers and small business owners by Animoto showing that 76.5% felt that the use of video marketing had a direct impact on their business, it’s clear that more video = more sales, but what sort of techniques can we expect to see digital marketers using in 2017 and how can you capitalise on this trend?

The key is finding content that works which is why we’ve come up with SMACK’s Facebook video marketing essentials. Before, during and after creating your video content, ask yourself these 10 key questions.

1. What’s your end goal?

Always execute your idea with your objective in mind. Do you want clicks or shares? Do not create your storyboard until this is clear.

2. How do you want people to feel?

Are you trying to make people laugh? Do you want them to shop? Your content should evoke a clear action from the user. And make sure you test it with others to see if it is achieving the desired result.

3. Does it make an impact in the first 3 seconds?

If it isn’t instantly attention grabbing, no-one will watch it.

4. Does it work without sound?

Research shows that around 85% of Facebook videos are now played without sound. So it doesn’t matter how compelling that marketing spiel is if nobody is listening.

5. Keep it short: 10 seconds is the new 30 seconds.

Our attention spans are shorter than ever. 10 seconds is more than enough to create an impact, don’t risk losing viewers with content that’s too long.

6. Does it have a strong thumbnail?

If you haven’t got a suitable frame from the video itself, create a separate high res image that entices people to watch.

7. Is it mobile optimised?

According to the latest forecast from Zenith, mobile video has jumped to 39% becoming the most dominant viewing platform.

8. Does it encourage an emotional response?

The power of emotion is integral to content. Studies have shown a strong correlation between emotion and virality. All of the oohs, aahs and lols please!

9. Why would someone share it?

If you can’t think of a reason, stop. Is it funny? Is it relevant to a particular person/ group of people? Is it topical/ timely?- Would you share it?

10. Is it ‘thumb-stopping’?

The infinite Facebook scroll is every marketer's challenge. Will the content - stop the scroll? No? Then start again.

Live streaming requires careful attention too.This could be live streaming interesting events, demonstrating and launching products, making announcements, giving a sneak peek behind the scenes or daily tips. The trick to engagement is keeping things immediate and making audiences feel like they’re privy to something they might not ordinarily get the chance to see.

Take a look at some of the videos we’ve created for Ted Baker, Mecca Bingo and Estella Bartlett here.

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